AlupanelEco aluminium composite panels (ACP) are a highly efficient, economic solution for all flat applications.

Why use AlupanelEco?

  • Extremely rigid
  • High UV resistance
  • Incredibly flat, smooth finish
  • Suitable for digital/screen printing, vinyl application and painting
  • Excellent value
  • 1 year warranty
AdhesiveCo-extruded to give superior adhesionCoreHigh quality PE coreAluminium skin0.15mm aluminium providing a superbflat, smooth surfacePaint FinishQuality PE paint with a matt/matt finishsuitable for digital/screen printing,vinyl application and paintingProtective filmDesigned to protect the panel duringstorage, transit and installation

Multipanel UK is certainly an organisation which we are proud to be associated with, they operate at a high level and constantly produce quality products. The fact they’re based here in the UK, not too far from us which is another huge bonus – especially with a volume of short turn-around project we are exposed to!...

David Bowen, The Bigger Printing Co.

Full Details

AlupanelEco Aluminium Composite Panels are a highly efficient, economic solution for all flat applications.

Providing amazing value for money, AlupanelEco is the obvious choice for short term projects using 2440mm x 1220mm panels where no load will be applied to the panels.

Available in matt White 9016, all Ecopanel products have a 1 year guarantee.

For further information, you can access the product brochures and technical documents below.



AlupanelEco is recommended for flat applications only.

  • Wayfinding
  • Vinyl Application
  • Hoarding Panels
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Direct UV & Screen Printing


Here are the sheets sizes and thicknesses available as standard along with the technical specification of AlupanelEco.

Panel Thickness (mm)23
Skin Thickness (mm)0.150.15
Weight (KG/m2)2.463.4
Panel Thickness (mm)23
Sound Absorption0.050.05
Sound Attenuation2324
Water Absorption % by Volume0.010.01
Thermal Performance R Values
Core Composition
Fire PerformanceClass 1 BS476 PT7 Class 0 BS476 PT6Class 1 BS476 PT7 Class 0 BS476 PT6
Tensile Strength of Aluminium Layers149MPa149MPa
Panel Thickness (mm)+/- 0.2
Width (mm)-0 +2
Length (mm)-0 +3
Diagonal-0 +5
Thermal Expansion2.4mm/m @100˚C Temp Difference
Aluminium Thickness± 0.02
Paint Thickness (microns)20
Pencil Hardness>HB
Toughness of Coating3T
Temperature Resistance-50˚C to +80˚C
Impact Strength (kg/CM2)50
Boiling Water ResistanceBoiling for 2hrs without change
Acid ResistanceImmerse Surface in 2% HC1 for 24hrs without change
Alkali ResistanceImmersed surface in 2% NaOH for 24hrs without change
Oil ResistanceImmerse Surface in 20# engine oil for 24hrs without change
Solvent ResistanceCleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene without change
Cleaning Resistance>1000 times without change
Peel Strength>5 Newton / mm


Only available in White 9016

AlupanelEco can be matched to almost any non-standard RAL colour, with a MOQ requirement of approximately 600m2. For more information please contact your local distributor or sales representative.

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