Alupanel A-Core is a non-combustible panel with a corrugated aluminium core, suitable for architectural applications, as well as interior and exterior cladding solutions.

Why use Alupanel A-Core?

  • Non-combustible Aluminium core
  • Much lighter than panels with a mineral core
  • Extremely durable & strong
  • An almost endless range of colours 
  • Colour match compatible
  • Lightweight yet rigid
  • Readily fabricated and curved
  • Up to 20 years warranty

CoreAluminium core for superior fireresistanceAdhesiveQuality adhesive for superb bondingPaint FinishMulti-layer paint systems available inalmost any colourProtective filmDesigned to protect the panel duringstorage, transit and installation

Full Details

Alupanel A-Core shares the high quality visual characteristics of Alupanel XT - our flagship architectural product - and it can be fabricated in the same way. 

The big difference is the sheet manufacturing technology, giving the panel a non-flammable core made from aluminium. These panels are remarkably strong and rigid whilst still being half the weight of aluminium sheet or composite panels that have a conventional mineral core.

From standard solid colours, to metallics and special finishes, Alupanel A-Core is available in a large range of colours. The smooth, flat surface, processing and folding capabilities, combined with the range of fixing options, provide an endless choice of design possibilities.  

For further information, you can access the product brochures and technical documents below.



Suitable for architectural applications including external facades, rain screen cladding and interior design.

  • Architectural Cladding
  • Interior Panels & Decoration
  • External Facades
  • Curtain Walling
  • Wall Cladding
  • Tunnel Linings
  • Transport
  • Interior Cladding


Here are the sheets sizes and thicknesses available as standard along with the technical specification of Alupanel A-Core.

Panel Thickness (mm)4
Skin Thickness (mm)0.7 / 0.5
Weight (KG/m2)4.59
Panel Thickness (mm)
Sound Absorption
Sound Attenuation
Water Absorption % by Volume
Thermal Performance R Values
Core Composition
Fire Performance
Tensile Strength of Aluminium Layers
Panel Thickness (mm)-0 + 0.2
Width (mm)±2
Length (mm)±3
Thermal Expansion2.4mm/m @100ºC Temp Difference
Aluminium ThicknessAs specified in EN485-4
Paint Thickness (microns)
Pencil Hardness2H
Toughness of Coating
Temperature Resistance
Impact Strength (kg/CM2)
Boiling Water ResistanceBoiling for 2hrs without change
Acid ResistanceSurface immersed in 2% HC1 for 24hrs without change
Alkali ResistanceSurface immersed in NaHO engine oil for 24hrs without change
Oil ResistanceSurface immersed in 20# engine oil for 24hrs without change
Solvent ResistanceCleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene without change
Cleaning Resistance>1000 times without change
Peel Strength8.5 Newton/mm


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